2013 military retirement and veterans disability pay raise

The 2013 military pay chart: a 1.7% pay raise for service members, On february 13, 2012 the pentagon released president obama?s 2013 defense budget proposal. the budget is based on an intensive review of defense prioritie.
2013 veterans disability pay, 2013 va disability pay chart pdf show the current va compensation rates for veterans with a disability all other entries on this chart reflecting a rate va benefits.
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2013 retiree and veteran cola announced | military.com, The 2013 cost-of-living adjustment for military retired pay, sbp, social security checks, and va benefits will be 1.7%..
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Yes to military pay raise, no to tricare hikes for retirees, "a house subcommittee is prepared to say “yes” to a 1.7 percent military pay raise but “no way” to the obama administration’s plans to.