soc sec tax rate increase 2013

Will the social security payroll tax rate increase by 2% in 2013?, Will the social security payroll tax rate increase by 2% in 2013? futa (federal unemployment) rate to change july 1, 2011; medicare payroll tax goes up by 0.9% in.
Irs fear tax refund delays for 2013 – page 4, Page 4: deadlock in congress could dramatically delay tax refunds in 2013 a delay in refunds is troubling, but if congress misses the december 31 deadline to e.
Federal payroll tax withholding tables for 2012, 2013, If you are an employer, you may be familiar with the federal withholding tables and payroll tax rates. these amounts change according to the laws put into effect by.

Payroll 2013, I am sure that most everyone that processes payroll knows – or – has received the also soc sec withholding is increasing from 4.2% to 6.2% on jan 1st. wow, hold.
2013 cola increase provides a 1.7% raise for social security, It’s official, the 2013 cola rate will be 1.7%. the social security administration confirmed this figure and as a result social security and supplemental.
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